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    • Formal Shirts

      Buy Formal Cotton Shirts Online – Its official!!

      In India, heat & humidity is observed to be high all over the year. The climate in India is generally hot. In such conditions, cotton cloths offer highest level of comfort. Considering this fact, CottonKing has brought range of formal cotton shirts in different styles, patterns, designs. One can buy formal cotton shirts online from CottonKing’s online store or buy these formal cotton shirts from any of our stores across India. Working professionals highly appreciate these formal cotton shirts as these are the best and the most comfortable office wear shirts available online. Our price range of formal shirts starts from Rs. 850. When you buy our formal cotton shirts online from our official website, we assure you that your shirt is delivered from fresh collection and it reaches at all major delivery addresses within 3 working days. On the other hand, you may visit any of our brand store and buy CottonKing’s formal cotton shirts. ✓ 100% Pure formal cotton shirts ✓ FREE delivery ✓ Same price as that of CottonKing stores ✓ Easy Exchange ✓ Guaranteed best quality

    • Slim Formal Shirts

      Buy Slim Fit Formal Cotton Shirts Online: Make Your Own Style Statement

      CottonKing brings you whole new range of slim fit formal cotton shirts – A unique combination of cotton comfort and stylish fitting. The design patterns and colours for slim fit cotton shirts are keenly chosen so that one can wear them in office environment as well. Our price range of formal shirts starts from Rs. 1045. You can now buy slim fit formal cotton shirts online from CottonKing’s online store. If CottonKing store is present in your city, you may but these slim fit shirts from our store. Buy online or from our store – we are committed to offer you best cotton shirts at right price!!! ✓ Pure cotton slim fit formal shirts ✓ Free delivery across India ✓ Same price in stores and online ✓ Easy exchange ✓ Guaranteed best quality

    • Semi Formal Shirts

      Buy Semi-Formal Cotton Shirts Online: Golden Mean Between Formal & Casual Shirts.

      CottonKing brings you a unique range of cotton shirts that are neither too casual nor too formal – this collection is known as semi-formal Cotton Shirts. Apart from office wear, one can wear these semi-formal shirts in client meetings, official traveling, exhibitions, trade shows, client parties, office get together etc. Price range of CottonKing’s semi-formal shirts starts from Rs. 895. You can now buy semi-formal cotton shirts online from CottonKing’s online store and get them delivered anywhere in India; shipping on all orders is FREE. Else, you may visit any of CottonKing’s brand store to buy semi-formal shirts. In-store or online – you will get the same shirts at the same price!!! ✓ 100% Pure cotton semi formal shirts ✓ Free delivery in India ✓ Best price ✓ Easy exchange policy ✓ Best quality

    • Casual Shirts

      Buy Casual Cotton Shirts Online: Look Smart – Look young.

      Till recent times, dressing protocols were limited for office / work place. But, with changing times, every occasion is now tagged with certain type of dressing. Casual wear is no exception. When people get tired of wearing formal shirts for 5 days-a-week, they certainly demand change. Be it going on vacations, enjoying weekends with family at malls or restaurants or attending parties – your attire should reflect your mood. Casual wearing does the same. CottonKing’s collection of casual shirts is indeed exclusive, chic and truly informal. We informally call it as Friday-wear or Friday dressing casual cotton shirts!! Our price range of casual cotton shirts starts from Rs. 895. You can now buy CottonKing’s casual cotton shirts online from CottonKing’s online store and get FREE delivery anywhere in India. You may also visit any of our brand store in your city to buy casual cotton shirts. Either you buy online or buy from our store – we assure you best casual cotton shirts are right price!!!  ✓ Pure cotton casual shirts ✓ Cool designs, colours and styles ✓ Good for Friday office dressing ✓ Free delivery ✓ Best price ✓ Easy exchange policy ✓ Assured quality

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